Ready Made Warps

A variety of Saori Ready made warps (PDF) are kept in stock, these vary in sizes and lengths in black cotton or wool.
Ready made warps work in conjunction with Saori weaving looms so that you don't have to make your own warps. Simply take a pre made warp cartridge, slot it onto your looms, thread up and you can begin weaving.
SPECIAL pre made warps are now in stock in a variety of colours .

Pre wound warps

pre-wound-warpweb.jpgOne of the greatest things about Saori design. Pre wound warps come in a variety of widths and lengths, in cotton or wool, so that you can quickly and easily thread the loom giving you more time to enjoy weaving .

Various pre wound warps in stock, see equipment list for more details. Some 'special' coloured warps also available.

Prices start at £14


NEW SPECIAL pre made warps now in stock - Warps marked with 'P' are also suitable for the Piccolo.

To order Special warps and yarns please email

Aug 16 Special Warps.pdf

March 2016, special warps.pdf




NEW SAORI Japanese yarn sets now available - 10 cones in each set, each cone weighs between 170-210g

Bluegreen-cottonjpg.jpg Blue/green cotton - £84

Red-wooljpg.jpg Red Wool - £72

Red-cottonjpg.jpg Red Cotton - £84

Purple-cottonjpg.jpg Purple Cotton - £84

Purple-wooljpg.jpg Purple Wool - £72