About Saori

Saori weaving originates in Japan. The ‘sa’ of Saori comes from the Zen vocabulary meaning everything has its own individual dignity, the ‘ori’ means weaving. It is freestyle hand weaving without rules and restrictions. It is open to everyone regardless of age, gender, physical ability or intellectual aptitude.

Be bold and adventurous!

Saori weaving is accessable to everyone. In a Saori Studio the looms are set up with warp threads so you can come in, sit down and weave. temple.jpgIt is the freedom to create, to paint with yarn and fibres to express our minds freely without regulations. Saori weaving ocercomes preconceptions of weaving, with no complicated patterns to follow, no worries about straight selvedges and no mistakes!

Saori weaving is inspiring and enabling people around the world to express their true selves through free weaving and spreading pure joy!

Misao JoSaori weaving began when Misao Jo was 57 years old. She wanted to weave a obi (belt) for her kimono. Her son, being fond of mechanical things built a hand weaving loom. As Misao Jo wove she noticed that a warp thread was missing but carried on as she thought it may make an interesting effect. She was pleased to find this 'mistake' had made a beautifull pattern, finding beauty with lack of intentions.

She began to weave obis with many 'flaws'. People became interested in this weaving that was so full of life and soon she began to teach.

She taught her students the basic techniques of using a loom, and helped them remove any preconceptions of weaving. But once the students mastered the basic technique, she would just let them weave what they liked. She would give them some suggestions and see how they would react, but would never make further intervention. This gave the weavers an opportunity to discover their true selves created by their natural creativity.